Mea Culpa

So this blog is a little late considering the time covered.

Monday after 7QP I head over to HRO to test out my IC-7100 and figure out what went wrong. Reset all the menu items to match the HRO 7100. Still no SSB modulation. Swap parts around. Whatever is wrong is in the base unit.

Attach wattmeter and try AM. No modulation but carrier is present. So mike works, I can record audio but I cannot modulate the carrier. Just about to pack it in and send it to Icom when last try, full reset.

Magic happens. Radio now works. Some non-configurable register is blocking the modulation.

Worse, I knew about the full reset (I tried soft reset just above on Saturday) and did not try it.

My own fault. Next time I know to do the full monty. Yeah next time for sure.



My IC-7100 is showing no power out with SSB. This makes no sense. When I use AM, it’s enough to tune my Tarheel with the TargetTuner. But the power meter for SSB shows no output power. Really wish I had an actual power meter. And wait my laptop is on battery? But it’s plugged into the inverter! What gives. Only 7 more hours until the contest starts.

Looks like I am DOA (dead on arrival). Out of the contest. Brought my K3 as backup but forgot the cable for the computer. Laptop has only 1 hour charge left.

Calling it DOA.

Hope the rest get on the air. This has been a very frustrating day.

Whipped in Stillwater

Thank you W6HMT for whipping me in Stillwater.

Somewhere after Fernly NV, I lost my 6 foot whip for my Tarheel. Contest over, cancel the reservations. Finis and I did not even get to start.

Vivian and I decided to look at some property in Fallon. Afterwards, we headed to Stillwater the former county seat for Churchill county. While reading the historical marker a truck with lots of quills rolled by and stopped just ahead. We pull forward and got out and chatted.
Turns out it was a fellow ham from California who just happens to own a small piece of land in Stillwater. As luck would have it, W6HMT just happens to have a spare 5 ft whip he could sell me. Checked it out and it tunes on 75m. Back in business.

Later, we roll by W6GJB as he was scouting on 50 near Erueka. He was headed to Antelope Pass for a final check on their White Pine site.
Good luck guys.

73… time to check that radio and computer are ready for 6 am tomorrow.