Leaving Ice Station Ely

Ice Station Ely

Ice Station Ely.

So over night the storm we raced ahead of, caught us in Ely. About midnight heavy sleet pelted our hotel. By 6 am wet snow was falling. Snow continued until about 9 am. My truck was covered in snow.

We hit the road about 8:30 back 50 to Eureka and then up 278 to Carlin. Not sure why I thought i would be able to operate on the 278 Eureka/Elko border. That was a canyon with limited North/South opening and several hundred foot up on the east just a couple of hundred feet away and no shoulder. Takeoff was probably 60°… not good.

Eureka/Elko line on 80 is just viable. The Lander/Humboldt line is good right at the sign. Over in Pershing the rest stop at the 158 exit is the best bet.

So general plan for May 7 is confirmed. Longest drive is the one to Carlin at about 4 hours. The rest are about 1 hour each. Now for the great news. I got a volunteer driver: KI6HFS (Vivian my YL). So even during the drives I’ll be able to get a few more Q’s in the log. Might even get her to operate for the 3db bonus.